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Family Law

Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

We provide legal service on issues relating to family relationships, such as adoptions, divorce, and pre-nuptial agreements amidst others

Our services cover:​

  • Adult guardianship & trusteeship

  • Minor guardianship

  • Spousal support

  • Emergency protection orders

  • Pre-nuptial and separation agreements

  • Child welfare

Real Estate

Procurement, Contract Review, Refinancing

Whether you are planning to buy or sell your property, it is one of our areas of practice to help you with your real estate transaction. At Fort Law Office, we value your business. We offer a free consultation to help you review your Contract and all other documents before you commit yourself. We specialize in the sale and purchase of property, mortgage refinancing, construction, and much more. We are accessible, have competitive rates, and have an extremely fast turnaround.

Wills and Estate

Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships

Our services cover:

  • Preparation of and advising on testamentary disposition (wills)

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Personal Directives

  • Grant of Probate

  • Grant of Administration

Immigration        Law

Citizenship Application, Visa, Appeals

Our services cover:

  • Family sponsorship - spouse and dependent children

  • All immigration appeals

  • Refugee claims and appeals

  • Canadian citizenship and Residency applications

  • Provincial nominee applications

  • Visitor visa, Work and Study permit applications

  • Business immigration

  • Judicial reviews of IRCC decisions

  • Detention hearings & ministerial appeals

  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) filings

  • Appeal of removal orders

  • In-home caregiver applications

  • Parents/grandparents "super-visa" applications

  • Authorization to return applications

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